Hypnotherapy & Counselling in Mid Wales

With Sharon Lees.

A qualified accredited Integrative Counsellor registered with the National Counselling Society (NCS) and Qualified Hypnotherapist registered with the National Hypnotherapy Society (MHS), working in private practice in the beautiful seaside village of Borth near Aberystwyth. Working with adults, children and young people

About Me


My vision as an integrated therapist is to serve the individual needs of each client and in turn create a world where trauma and anxiety are healed in a more compassionate way that leaves you, the client, feeling in control of your own healing. It is my belief that trauma and anxiety cannot be healed by talking alone and a more diverse, holistic approach brings with it a more compassionate way of healing which brings a real difference to the lives of clients.

Where I can Help

What I Cover


Hypnotherapy accesses the sub conscious part of the mind that holds our beliefs and you take back that control by using hypnotherapy to change those outmoded beliefs and negative thought patterns.


Counselling is a process that psychologically empowers you to take back control of your life whilst working through issues and problems that caused you to lose self esteem, as well as confidence in your own abilities.

Why Choose Sharon Lees

Why Choose Me

It is my belief that you cannot work with trauma purely through talking. I am unique in the way I work as I have a background in energy work, and can work with both counselling and hypnotherapy meaning I can pull on a wealth of diverse knowledge to help the individual client. I have trained in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT). I also enjoy work creatively where this is appropriate and love walk and talk therapy, drawing on the healing of the natural world.

I chose this path because someone very close to me has a serious mental health illness along with a diagnosis of autism. There was very little choice of counsellors out there who were willing to work with my loved one on a holistic level. What he really needed was an approach which was more creative. My mission is to support clients in a more diverse way. Having that lived experience of helping a very close relative with psychosis has enabled me to be more compassionate around the difficulties serious mental health illness causes and gain a better understanding of how stress and anxiety can have an enormously limiting impact on individuals.

Because of this understanding I have gained from my own personal experiences, I have specialised my training around trauma and anxiety and intend to make it my life mission to share the tools I have learned with clients and provide a safe and non-judgemental environment where you can talk freely about your feelings. Whilst I have specialised in this area I am still able to offer therapy in many other areas. If you click on the “about me” section you can see the training and qualifications I have done.

Listening and supporting you towards the life you deserve in a confidential place.