I offer supervision for qualified hypnotherapists both online and in person.  I use a combination of the person-centred model, Stoltenberg and Delworth’s Integrated Developmental Model and Proctor’s 3 function interactive model. I give supervisee’s a written copy of our session notes so this gives you a record of our sessions together.

Supervision is there to protect and benefit both the clients we work with and you, the therapist.  It is a supportive environment and I encourage supervisee’s to discuss any challenges or difficulties they are encountering. It is a non- judgemental and confidential space to reflect and improve your work with clients.

I am aware that requirements are different from one professional association to another so I would like an initial consultation with you via phone or online which will only take 15 minutes (free of charge) to establish how long and how often you need your supervision sessions to be.

I charge £40 per hour for hypnotherapy supervision and this includes text/email support for that following month.