Tarot & the Jungian Approach

Working with the tarot enables us to acquire wisdom from our unconscious. Our ego conscious does not have this wisdom so by using the tarot we can understand ourselves better which will help us to harmonise our lives and bring us back into balance.  Through the tarot we can listen to the unconscious so we may discover where we are blocked and through therapy, bring us back to who we are.

Carl Jung gave importance to the unconscious and described it as the rubbish bin we put everything into. In our collective unconscious exists the sum total of all human consciousness outside time and place and holds many ancestral memories both non personal, inherited and the objective psyche. The ego consciousness cannot go into that vast collective unconscious and come out the same so the tarot enables us that bridge between the two worlds.  The patterns of energies and the archetypes within the cards exist beyond time and space and archetypes are very powerful.  They generate our behaviour and they seek consciousness.  They can have a huge energy charge, well above the ego.  They can hold onto ancestral memory and are beyond the ego’s capacity to understand or even comprehend.

The symbols within the cards are beyond the ego awareness but they are also the bridge to help us grasp the furthest reaches of intuition.  The symbol frees energy from the negative complexes.  It allows us to make the leap to a higher level and they help us to see the change we can become, changing our perception of what is possible.

The tarot is bringing together the unconscious and the conscious so we are actively looking for the voice of the unconscious.

The ego is a chain of cause and effect and it is conditioned awareness so when using the cards in therapy we are going outside that awareness so that the archetypes can become activated and we can invoke synchronicity.  Synchronicity happens every-time we pull a card.  The tarot mirrors the psyche. The cards can help us become who we are meant to be.

I have been working with the tarot since 2001 and have used it over the years doing readings for many clients and if you want to have a reading that is absolutely fine but if you want to encounter something with more deep and meaning I offer a 90 minute single session therapy session where I bring my awareness of the tarot and combine that with the energy the cards are representing to explore “you” on a deeper level.

This session would be useful if you just wanted one session to establish questions such as, “what do I need to know about myself to further my career”, or, “how can I stop repeating these same patterns in relationships”, or “what do I need to know to move forward in this situation”.  The single session therapy with the cards is all about you so you can see what myth you are living by, themes that are re-enacting in your life, recurring patterns and underlying stories which are sustaining you. 

The self stands behind all of Jung’s work.  The self is the most important concept and the most difficult to understand.  It is the eternal part of the psyche that does not change. Jung said that the self is the original archetype from which all others originate. The self is the ultimate reality behind appearances. 

If you are ready to understand yourself on a deeper level then please do not hesitate to contact me for a free 10 minute phone consultation to discuss your needs.