Like it or not Valentines can be a tough time especially if you are single. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be full of love, hearts and flowers, but if you are single it can enhance any feelings of loneliness and depression. For some, Valentines can be a trigger, especially if you are recently bereaved or are going through a relationships breakdown.
Here are few things you can do to help you through this time:
– Switch off your social media. You really don’t want to be seeing all those loved up couples splattered over your screen. Tune out for a few days.
– Focus on other types of love in your life. Family? Friends? Love comes to us in many ways.
– Get together with other single friends. They may be feeling down too.
– Treat yourself that day. Book yourself in for a massage, get your hair done, paint your nails. Give yourself some “me” time.
– Give yourself some words of affirmation so you focus on the positives that day rather than the negatives.
– Avoid turning to alcohol to numb the pain. This can lead to greater problems.
– Try some meditation or yoga.
– Avoid comparing yourself to others.
– Recognise the benefits of being single. There are quite a few.
– Valentine’s Day is only one day.
Of course you may be dreading Valentine’s Day if you are in an unhappy relationship. It may not be so easy to avoid your partner which can cause stress and anxiety. It can also bring a lot of stress on an already stressful relationship.
If you are battling more than just the Valentine blues and are feeling depressed it is important to contact someone who you can talk to.