Can you imagine being able to get on that plane and enjoy building memories with your family? Or going to the dentist without trembling? Or not avoiding the reptile house when you visit the zoo with your lovely children? Whatever your fear or phobia is, hypnotherapy can help.

From my experience hypnotherapy can help overcome any phobia by understanding the original source. Even if the phobia is deep rooted with determination it can be overcome. Heights, dogs, cats, spiders, frogs, snakes, deep water, literally any phobia can be overcome. If you have an irrational fear then it is likely you have a phobia. You will know that the picture of a snake cannot hurt you but nevertheless you still cannot look at it.

The initial sensitising event is at the root of any phobia. The root event can be triggered in the future because the negative event in your past is stored in your memory along with the emotions connected to it. The phobia triggers the stored emotions and quite often people can have panic attacks without properly understanding what is causing them. There is often a straightforward reason for most phobias and quite often they can be overcome under analysis during hypnosis.

The majority of clients that have undergone this analysis experience a release and see it as a positive experience but there are a small number of clients that can have an abreaction as the reality of that memory and the emotions attached to it causes a release of intense blocked emotions. It is not unusual for tears to flow and you are fully supported throughout this process. A talking session may follow where we work through the emotions that were experienced before moving on to overcoming the phobia.

I have found through my work with phobias that anxiety is often linked to them. Ego strengthening techniques along with CBT can be very beneficial. Because of this there may be times when more sessions may be needed than originally planned. This is worth bearing in mind before therapy starts and another reason why I always insist on completing an initial consultation over the phone before the client even attends their first session. This is helpful for me as a hypnotherapist to plan the session appropriately and to ascertain from the beginning how many sessions may be needed. Everyone is different and I cannot always be exact.

The other thing to remember too is that hypnosis only forms half the session. It is called hypnotherapy because therapy is a part of the session and a lot of the ground work is done through the therapy part of the session. You will not be asleep during the hypnosis and you will be aware of what is going on, but your mind will be relaxed to a point where the subconscious mind can be accessed as this is where the change in existing behaviours can really happen.

If you have any questions about hypnotherapy please feel free to contact me through my contact page.