Life might be shit for some of you at the moment and you may even feel a need to detach or escape from life completely. If you are not stressed at the moment then you are doing very well. The collective sense of chaos, regardless of your political views being part of such a divided nation can give an even greater sense of chaos. The climate crisis, the pandemic, Brexit, parents trying to home school, work, Christmas, lockdown, exhausted teachers, health care workers, essential workers are exhausted physically and emotionally.

But how have you learned to escape chaos? The chaos might be bringing triggers related to old trauma and pain. Growing up you would have learned how to build an armour so you can escape the pain and the chaos, possibly turning to unhealthy ways of coping through drugs, alcohol, food, work. We look for something that brings relief.

Years ago when I was introduced to Reiki I was taken aback at the beauty and power of it and wholly embraced it. It even became a career path for me and Reiki is still my primary go to today in times of stress. I learned the importance of owning and feeling my feelings, including what I once thought of as “negative” feelings so I am never disappointed when Reiki helps my feelings to surface – all of them, including sadness, anger, fear and worry. But I have to admit that even spirituality can be an unhealthy escape. You can fake positivity, you can fake kindness without being aware that you are supressing your real emotions. You push through, power up, and your feelings can be buried deep inside.

Living a spiritual life means finding the treasure in the dark moments, putting down the armour and becoming vulnerable. Spirituality does not always feel positive and for those of you who have learnt Reiki with me you will know that when you start to go through that healing process it can bloody suck the life out of you!
Disconnecting and escaping the pain is not a spiritual action, rather feeling the pain and embracing chaos is a spiritual action.

Detaching emotionally while allowing yourself to still feel and not escape the feelings is the best thing you can do when there is chaos around you.

This last year has taught us that a relentless storm has rolled in and it is not going to stop. We have the opportunity to create radical change that starts from within and we can all do our part.

I see this year as a process of awakening that the world is going through right now which is calling for a new level of awareness in how people treat each other. The world is changing and it feels heavy and dark but if we can stay detached from the negativity around us, uplift ourselves and others, then that will lift.

So many people ask me how I stay so calm and positive but I am not always calm and positive, even I have my down days. But I know when I need to take a break from the busy-ness of life and focus on myself. I know when I need to retreat from the outside world, switch off the news, retreat from social media, take a walk out in nature and look for all the positives in my life. I have learned to hover within the eye of the storm and not look too far ahead. Allow things to unfold day by day and be in the moment. The only moment that exists is right now. Embrace it and hover within the eye of the storm and find peace in knowing that nothing stays the same forever. The storm will pass so don’t try and get through it, rather, surrender to it and live in the present moment. Get lost in a good book or movie. Talk to a trusted friend or reach out for professional help.

If you would like to book a Counselling or Hypnotherapy session with me for the new year drop me a message. I am classed as an essential service so can see clients face to face but also online if you prefer.