When I turned 40 it was a turning point for me. I had been a mum, worked in childcare for many years, but also had this burning desire to turn my part time work which I loved and felt passionate about into more of a viable business. During my 40th year I got married for the second time and felt an energy of new beginnings around me. Whilst my work as a childcare provider and play worker was something I felt passionate about, I had a passion that was even bigger which was helping other people to heal. I came in contact with Reiki back in 2008 and I could not believe how my life had changed within 12 months of doing my Reiki. I did my Reiki level 2 in 2009 and my Reiki master teacher in 2011. Teaching people how they could tap into this ability to help heal themselves was inspirational and whilst I was reading and taking in as much knowledge as I could from books and workshops, I learnt so much from the students I was teaching.

It became apparent to me a few years down the line that clients coming for Reiki were also needing something more. As I delved deeper into my learning and self -discovery, I learnt that we are energy first and foremost, we are then an energy matrix, then the aura and then the physical body. Thoughts, emotions and the physical body are all energy and what remains in the aura from our thoughts and feelings will eventually manifest down into the physical body and this includes well being as well as illness. Information in the form of thought and emotions is stored in all of the body’s cells, not just the brain cells. The sum of thought and emotion from all of our cells creates the auric field and this field fluctuates with our changing thoughts and emotions.

Having learnt this I could easily see how counselling and hypnotherapy could really help a client heal and whilst Reiki was an amazing tool on its own, I started to realise that deeper healing through counselling and hypnotherapy could really make a difference to a client’s life.

It is no surprise that within a few months of turning 40 I had enrolled on a 3.5 year journey to become a hypnotherapist and counsellor. I have just turned 46 and now have the career that I love.

Over the last 4 years I have been on a very difficult journey myself and have gone through counselling for trauma. Even with all my knowledge, the difference in being able to talk to someone can help you to see things differently. We are not always aware of what is going on within ourselves and it is only through talking that we can fully understand ourselves.

Over the last 12 months I have taken advantage of as much online CPD as possible and I can clearly see the path that I would like to take next and that is to become specialised in the area of trauma. The polyvagal theory training I did last year along with my more recent training in EFT has built on my knowledge of energy. The other thing I have learnt is that up until a couple of years ago, I thought trauma was something you had if you had seen something awful like a traffic accident but trauma can be felt from childhood, if we were struggling to fit in, or if we were constantly shamed or criticised by our parents, if you are on the autistic spectrum you may be experiencing trauma in a way that those of us would not perceive as trauma because it is more about how we interpret a traumatic experience. My interest in neuroscience is building since learning about the polyvagal theory and my hope is to bring that knowledge into what I already know to help clients work through their trauma. Client’s experiences are so personal and individual to them and I look forward to learning more.

If you would like to learn more about my services you can go to my website: sharonleescounselling.co.uk