I read Dr Brian Weiss’s books about 10 years ago and that was where my fascination with past life regression and hypnotherapy started. I became fascinated not just with the theory of past lives but also ancestral trauma. I went on to delve more deeply into shamanic work with Dr Alberto Villoldo and read many of his books which talked about the ancestral trauma that we carry from one generation down to the next. Science.org published a paper a few years ago highlighting the fact that we can hold onto trauma for up to 7 generations so we have scientific proof that this is now the case. This is quite mind blowing if you think about it because it means that we may hold onto beliefs that are not even our own but have been transferred down to us. As I’m delving deeper into the field of trauma therapy it has become more obvious to me that you cannot treat trauma with just talking therapy. It needs far more than that because trauma affects our physical body and leaves us disconnected.

I am starting to see how the energy work I have been practicing and teaching over the last 12 years can be a necessary part of the trauma recovery process. We could take this further and look at all the unconscious beliefs we have about ourselves, how society can shape those beliefs and how those beliefs can really play into anxiety.

Past life regression can help uncover the unconscious trauma and help us to understand the areas in our lives that need healing. I have started to come to the understanding that past life regression can help us to access the past lives of our ancestors which then leads clients to understand their own behaviours and beliefs at a deeper level. However, if you want a past life regression to simply explore and be curious about a past life this is absolutely fine too!

I understand that hypnotherapy is not for everyone and that’s why as an integrative counsellor I am building in somatic work with clients which is just as effective in working with your physical body after experiencing trauma. Working with the polyvagal theory is one such way. This teaches you what is happening with the autonomic nervous system which in turn helps you to start and co-regulate your own body and start to feel that connection with the body which increases the feeling of safety as those uncomfortable feelings come to the surface. EFT is another tool that is used to help with the co-regulation and even some Reiki can be used to help you feel calm after a session.

If you would like more information about the therapies that I offer please do not hesitate to contact me. All work is strictly confidential and as a member of the NCS and MHS I abide by their strict code of ethics.