I’ve had a few enquiries over the last few days about hypno gastric band and weight loss hypnosis ahead of January so I thought I would explain it briefly.

Having one session of hypnotherapy is not going to help someone lose weight. I also don’t have a magic wand so you will have to put the work in too. If you are considering hypno gastric band, consider that this is a dramatic way to lose weight and you will need to blend up your food for the first week or two after the hypnotherapy. The hypno gastric band is the alternative to the medical procedure so be sure you are ready to take this on. It is part of a 4-6 session model and counselling will need to accompany it.

Weight loss hypnotherapy is recommended to take at least 6 sessions with some clients choosing the option of continuing with hypnotherapy or having counselling on a monthly basis to keep them on track, gradually bringing those session down to a few times a year. Everyone is different, some may only need the 6 sessions and be hugely successful.

A few of the things you need to ask yourself if you are considering either the hypno gastric band or the weight loss hypnotherapy are:

What do I understand about my inner processes?

How do I manage my emotions?

What is making me overeat in the first place?

What will I do when I lose this weight?

How are your relationships with friends/family? Have those friends/family ever criticised you for losing weight in the past by saying you look too thin or you look better with a bit more weight on or made comments along the lines of, “you are not the same person you were”? If so, you may need to distance yourself from some of these people to build up confidence and self esteem and create firmer boundaries for yourself.

Weight loss hypnotherapy is about changing your thought patterns around food forever. Be prepared to look at a lot more than the food, especially if you are controlling your emotions with food.

A questionnaire is issued at the initial consultation which needs to be filled in so I can prepare a treatment plan specifically for you. Break the word hypnotherapy down into hypno and therapy and you will see that half the session is therapy and the other half is hypnosis. Be prepared to open up, knowing you are in a safe and confidential environment because getting into the deep-rooted issues will bring about a greater success. If you want to follow weight watchers or slimming world that is fine. As long as you remember that the majority of diets do not work in the long term because they do not tackle the underlying causes of the weight gain. You may even have a personal trainer to help you and that’s fine too but the hypnosis will be the tool that enables you to motivate, empower and heal yourself from the inside.

If you need to speak to me in greater detail about any of the therapies I offer, I do offer a free 10/15 minutes consultation over the phone to discuss your needs and to determine which therapy is appropriate for you. If you need any further information please do not hesitate to get in touch.