I’ve been really busy since the beginning of the year. As well as seeing lots of counselling and hypnotherapy clients, I’ve been putting some extra time and energy into doing some more studying. I’ve recently completed a diploma in counselling children and young people. I’ve also done some additional training on hypnotherapy with children and a bit more on a separate course for working with adolescent and adult mental health. I’ve also completed extra training around Autism and ADHD.

During this training I was shocked to hear that up until this year only 6% of the total NHS funding was spent on mental health services and only 0.6% of that was on CAMHS. More recently it has risen to 10% of the total NHS funding spent on mental health services and 1% of that spent on CAMHS. Even though the total has risen over the last few months it is clear from what I am being told by parents/carers that it is not reaching those that need it.

I have an extensive background in working with children so it seems like a natural progression to have done this additional training. I have a NVQ 3 in childcare and education, a CACHE level 3 in working with children and young people 0-15 and a CACHE level 3 in working with children and young people 0-15 with special educational needs. I completed all of this training in my early years of being a childminder which I did for 11 years. After this I worked at the Borth family centre as a play and outreach worker for 18 months meaning that along with my lived experience of caring for a loved one with autism and a severe mental health illness that I can add more value to my services. Being able to recognise the early signs of severe mental health illness which often begins in early adolescence is vital as that early intervention can be critical in minimising the impacts of mental health illnesses such as bi-polar and schizophrenia.

I think it’s the fact of caring for a loved one with severe mental health illness and our own experiences of CAMHS that has led me to do some additional training around working with children and young people. The stigma around severe mental illness is still there, despite more understanding around other mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

There are support groups out there for loved ones of those suffering psychosis. If you need any help in accessing support then please feel free to drop me an email/message. Losing a loved one to severe mental health illness is something only a few people understand who have been through that process. Ambiguous loss is a big thing to deal with and to be able to have that support from others also experiencing that same type of loss can be invaluable.

On a lighter note, I’ve not been the only one that’s been busy. My lovely hubby has been doing some work on the outside of the therapy room in the form of more insulation and cladding so it is looking a lot brighter. It also means the inside of the therapy room will not only be warmer in the winter months but it is also more soundproof. Perfect for when I’m doing hypnosis! The new roof will be done over the next few months before the start of the winter. I really love having my own therapy room that only I get to use. I can put my own stamp on it and fill it with lots of bits and pieces that I love. Crystals in particular are great and they can be used in a number of ways during therapy. They also bring great energy with them into the room meaning the space can feel tranquil and calm from the moment you step in.

If you want to speak to me about counselling or hypnotherapy or if you would like a Reiki or crystal healing session, please feel free to message me.