Last week I completed some more training, this time on inner child therapy. I thought it may be a good companion to the parts therapy training I did a few weeks ago. We all have different parts of ourselves, as I have talked about previously in my blog on parts therapy, but how do our childhoods influence how we are? If we take anger as an example. Anger can feel huge to a child, so as a child you may have learnt to manage these feelings and to never make someone angry as that could be dangerous, so you go through life keeping that anger in, but anger is an energy that cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed. During inner child therapy we would look at releasing that repressed anger and over time you would learn to deal with anger in a healthy way through the counselling process. If you are carrying the same coping mechanisms into adult life, you may avoid confrontation and in turn not get your needs met in your relationships.

How you react to certain circumstances in this life can also be passed down through the generations. If your mother or grandmother, father or grandfather had unhealthy ways of dealing with emotions that may have been passed down through the generations so by attending therapy you can actually break that chain so that future generations learn how to deal with emotions in a healthy way.

I’m a fan of Gestalt therapy and using props or a creative way of working would suit many clients especially if we were working with the inner child. An example of this could be using nesting dolls which represent the many layers or emotions we are feeling. For example, on the outside you may be the protector/controller, you don’t trust, you don’t get too close to people, you can’t be vulnerable or you work out what you can say before you speak. This then means that joy, close relationships, freedom, spontaneity are all unavailable to us. By exploring these emotions through creative ways can seem safer this way and if you struggle to find the words, you can express this through your creativity.

The way in which we can go back to our childhood is through regression therapy. Timeline therapy is a wonderful and powerful way to heal our past and release the baggage of anger, hurt, resentment and so on that stem from negative childhood events. Seeing those events as an adult can look completely different, enabling you to reprogram your brain’s reaction to them and so let go of the inhibiting experiences that affect your emotions today. This process can be achieved in a light state of hypnosis with you staying in full control.

If you had a critical parent you may recognise some of these phrases that have become your own mother tongue:
– Why are you such a bad girl/boy?
– Stop whining and be quiet!
– You’ll be the death of me!
– You’ll never amount to anything!

Through therapy you will change your story and learn how to express yourself in a healthy way:
– I am worthy of love
– I know what I need and I can express myself in a healthy way
– Not everything is my fault and I am happy to take responsibility for my failings and learn from them
– How am I feeling right now?

We can also use regression to go back to when you were in the womb to see if there was any trauma there and even beyond that, if you so wish.

I am a fan of Dr Brian Weiss and Dr Michael Newton’s work, who have brought into the public consciousness of life between lives and past lives. This type of therapy answers many questions for people. Problems in this life can be attributed to residual memory from previous lifetimes which gives fascinating answers to clients which help them to release the problems for good.

Rediscovering your inner child can help you understand your story and come to a place of self-acceptance. Owning how you really feel, your likes and dislikes, being authentic and finding a sense of belonging internally and externally will mean you can come home, personally, relationally, spiritually. Find that reconnection. Whether it is through counselling or past life regression through hypnotherapy or both, if you would like more information please contact me through my contact page.