Choosing an issue that means a lot to you will be at the heart of keeping your motivation high and ensure the success of your new year’s resolution.  When we challenge ourselves it can make us feel uncomfortable so we end up going back to the thing we want to change.

What is it you want to achieve in 2020?  Most people will say quit smoking, lose weight, change jobs, get fit, or maybe you want to get over your fear of flying and head off to a hot and sunny part of the world or save more money.  Hypnotherapy can be extremely useful in helping you stick to your goals.  It can help you establish where you have failed in the past and uncover any self sabotaging thoughts.  It can help you raise your self confidence and self esteem so you believe in yourself.  Hypnotherapy is also useful in helping to change the patterns of thoughts and self doubt that keep you stuck and prevent you from progressing towards your goals.

The reason why hypnotherapy works so rapidly with bad habits and behaviours is because it works directly with the subconscious mind which gets to the root of the issue quickly and efficiently.

The problem is most of us hypnotise ourselves with failing rather than succeeding  so you have to learn to think differently.  You usually start off fully charged up straight after the new year and quite often we have partied so hard throughout the Christmas period our bodies cry out to be healthy and to change our goals and study something new.  But  by the end of January many us will forget the promises we made to ourselves and find excuses to start again.  We become disappointed in ourselves which will inevitably lead us to drink, eat and smoke more. So what is the most important element of success?

The most important component is having a strong belief that you will succeed.  So many people focus so strongly on what they don’t want it leads them into a negative thought process.  Hypnotherapy will help you to define success so your goal will become clear.  The next step is to build the goal and bring a vision of your shining future to the current moment. During hypnosis you can see your future and think clearly about what you do want in your life.

Past trauma and low confidence can cloud the mind and cast shadows on the future but if you can understand how the past is affecting you, you can resolve it and free yourself. 

Celebrate your new beginnings and make 2020 your year that you will always remember for achieving your goals and a year you can be proud of.  Make your dreams become a reality and live the life you deserve.

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