Success is a journey not a destination!

What is it you want to achieve and are you struggling to get motivated to reach your goals? Here are some tips that may help you along the way:

Rather than acquiring new skills and habits, what if I told you that you actually needed to remove certain things in your life that are holding you back?

Whatever you do, do not blame others for your life. You are in control of your life and making excuses that your boss, your children, your spouse are holding you back means you are not taking full responsibility for yourself. You hold the power to succeed and telling yourself otherwise means you are holding yourself back.

Perfection is a waste of time and energy so don’t even try to make everything perfect. Recognise that baby steps are essential and if there is a blip along the way, simply regain focus on your goal.

Remove the fear of failure. You may be avoiding speaking up or fear the worst case scenario. Recognise that nothing is without risk so actively chase your dreams and your goals.

People often make the mistake of thinking they can control everything which leads to stress. It would be beneficial to care less about the things you cannot control and focus on what you can control.

Remove your perspective. Some people have a perspective and they struggle to think differently. Keeping your mind stuck in the past can be a real barrier to success. Learn something new and know that with knowledge comes wisdom.

Some people believe that success comes overnight when in actual fact luck is only part of it. Hard work and dedication is key. Plan not just for the future but also for the day in front of you.

If people around you are pessimistic and negative then you will be too. You want optimistic and supportive people around you that support your dreams and your goals. You will feel more motivated and happier once you remove the negative people around you.

Stop saying yes to people when you know that doing that job for them is going to take you away from reaching your own goals. Be brave and say no. Make your dreams a priority.

Learn from your mistakes. If life were problem free we would never find out where our pitfalls are. Mistakes allow us to put wisdom into action. Some of the best motivational speakers are those that have made the biggest mistakes.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” -Albert Einstein

If you are feeling the need for motivation to change your life whether it’s weight loss, changing your career, giving up smoking, in fact anything, then please feel free to contact me. Whether it is motivation through hypnotherapy or counselling I can help.