It’s been a while since I did a blog so I thought I would catch up with you all and let you know what I have been up to.

We are now over half way through the year and I have been keeping busy doing more children and young people counselling training as part of my continued professional development. I have been gathering exciting resources such as story sacks, playdough, colouring pens etc and I have found that even with my work with adults I have been integrating art into my therapy which is a fabulous way of allowing clients to see their issues from a third person perspective. Gestalt therapy was something I was drawn to when I did my initial training so it is interesting how everything comes full circle. This is what I love about being an integrated therapist. If one way of working with a client does not give the client the progress they desire, then we can tap into other resources. Walk and talk has had a revival over the last few weeks too as the Spring and Summer brought the warmer weather.

July and August can be naturally quieter months so I have been taking some extra time out to do more of what I love. Spending time with like minded friends who are also therapists is amazing as we end up bouncing ideas off one another and it helps from time to time to regroup and think about fresh ideas that can be brought into the therapy room. It has reminded me how we are all spiritual beings and we should honour all parts of ourselves. My roots are in Reiki and I always come back to this gentle healing energy. I find myself on occasions being drawn away from this because I worry about what people will think about a professional counsellor and hypnotherapist talking about energy and Reiki but then I remind myself that I am unique and so is every other person on the planet. It’s important to embrace that uniqueness and be in alignment with who I really am. There is so much knowledge and experience I have gained over the years that I have realised bringing that knowledge and understanding into the therapy room can really benefit my clients.

I understand how the law of attraction works and I am aware that when we align with who we really are then life is so much easier. I naturally draw to me the clients that are attracted to my way of working. A shamanic teacher once talked to me about a silver and gold book. The silver book is the story of our life that is mapped out for us. It is other people’s expectations of us, how we should be, how society expects us to be. The gold book enables us to dream our world into being. When we look at the science that reminds us, we are electromagnetic beings. Even our thoughts are electric. Through Kirlian photography we can understand that the colours change in our aura depending on our thoughts and feelings. As electrical beings we attract or repel other people’s energy, we can also accept that we can attract or repel experiences. It is this that enables us to write that gold book of opportunity we want to see for ourselves. We just need to ensure what we ask for is for the highest good of everyone concerned. When I come back to this it never fails to deliver.
However, when we throw doubt into our minds or think we are not good enough, it can really affect the flow of that energy and how things are delivered to us.

Through counselling and hypnotherapy, we are challenged to think in a different way, to think about how we can write that gold book so we start to live our authentic lives away from the expectations of others. We start to learn that it’s non of our business what other people think of us, and as long as we are doing the best we possibly can, then we can lead healthier happier lives, despite the challenges life often throws at us.

If you want to lose weight, give up smoking, rid yourself of your fears and phobias, understand how to draw forward the confident part of you that deserves to be free of anxiety, to come to terms with trauma from the past and build up that confidence that has been lying dormant within you, to learn coping mechanisms that are healthier, to know that you deserve success. You can either stay with the silver book and be led by others expectations, remaining a victim of your circumstances or you can choose to dream your life into a new story.

Which do you choose? When are you going to start writing your own story in your gold book?