I have decided to write a blog on the gastric band hypnosis as many enquiries are coming in for this at the moment and I think this blog will be useful for those of you to understand the process. It is a 6 session model, session 3 is a 2 hour session so effectively 2 sessions in 1. Before you do the gastric band hypnosis it is important to point out that you need to be aware of the timing of doing this. If life is really busy, if you have a lot going on emotionally and mentally, if you have a holiday coming up, a wedding, Christmas, then avoid starting until you know you have an 8 week window to fully focus. You will also need to bring your determination, focus and dedication to the sessions in order for them to be effective. As with a normal gastric band operation you will need to prepare. The 2 weeks leading up to the hypno gastric band hypnosis will be the preparation you need.

Alternatively, the hypnotherapy for weight loss over 6 sessions is far easier to implement around social occasions and holidays. You may wish to see me every other week as apposed to every week. If you have trauma in your past or are an emotional eater we will do work around this. The one thing to remember is that you do need to complete the 6 weeks. One session of hypnosis is not going to help. It’s like taking one antibiotic and not taking the rest of the course. I do recommend paying for the 6 sessions up front as this really helps in setting your mind and focus on the work. It also works out slightly cheaper.

A break down of what you can expect from the sessions:
Session 1 will be an information gathering session about food, what you are eating, do you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, how much weight do you need to lose, have you tried other ways of losing weight, is there any trauma in your past, what is going on at the moment for you emotionally, explore what has not worked for you in the past and what has worked. If at this point it turns out you may not be suitable for gastric band hypnosis I will suggest a 6 week hypnotherapy for weight loss instead of the gastric band. Please note I may need a letter from your GP depending on what is brought up in this session to ensure I am working safely with you. You will be given a food and drink diary you will need to fill in daily until next session. We will do some hypnosis in preparation and based upon what we get from the information gathering session I will choose an appropriate hypnosis script to help you get on your way.

Session 2 which needs to be no more than a week later will entail looking at the food diary, preparing you for the hypno gastric band hypnosis the following session and we will do some ego strengthening and some work around change and how your new life is going to look without the old eating habits, we may need to do hypnosis around eating more healthily. You will also be prepared for the hypno gastric band session the next week.

Session 3 will be a 2 hours session. I will give you your food diary and guidelines of what you can eat over the following two weeks. You will need to puree your food and gradually build up to solid food over the next two weeks.

Session 4 which will be 2 weeks later will be the follow up session where you will have hypnosis again to alter the gastric band if needed and see where further hypnosis is needed during the session to keep you on track.

Session 5 will be a follow up session another 2/3 weeks later. This is so you can have any additional support that might be needed.

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to email/call/message me. I always do a 10 minute phone consultation with every enquiry to check your suitability for hypnosis. Counselling may be offered instead if I feel hypnosis is not for you.