Okay it has officially started. I’ve had a few enquiries over the last week about hypnotherapy for weight loss. With the restrictions in place people have not been able to go to all their usual coping mechanisms such as the gym, socialising, shopping. So with the added stress and anxiety people are boosting their mood through food and alcohol. Weight loss starts with the mind. If you don’t get that right and understand your triggers then going on a diet will simply be a waste of time.

A disruption in routine can naturally lead to stress even if you have not felt particularly stressed. When stress levels rise the body produces cortisol which causes cravings for sweet, salty, high fat foods. Giving into these cravings stimulates the same neural pathways in the brain that are equivalent to a drug fix, releasing feel good hormones. These cravings are very addictive and so are hard to stop. They can also lead to binge eating.

Stress also inhibits testosterone in the body which leads to a decrease in muscle mass, so if you are getting less exercise in lock down then the body burns fewer calories which in turn makes it harder to lose weight.

Going on a diet may seem like an obvious solution but this is actually the worst thing you can do. The reason for your weight gain will be to do with your coping strategies and so now you have an emotional attachment to eating. A restrictive diet will only serve to put further strain on your emotions causing your anxiety levels to rise. You will get yourself into a stress-eat-diet cycle and with higher stress levels leads to cravings, binge eating and can actually be counter- productive.

I always advise my clients to keep food diaries. The most successful are those that keep the diaries. It can be so frustrating for me when clients don’t do this because I know how valuable it is. It makes what you eat “real”, so it holds you accountable. You become more aware of exactly what and how much you are putting in your mouth. It is vitally important to also write down why you are eating. This will help you determine what kind of eater you are and once you know your triggers you can begin to put healthy choices in place. This can be anything from replacing sweet cravings for fruit, replacing carbs with protein rich options, practising meditation or taking a walk outdoors if you feel stressed or bored.

Hypnotherapy is about reprogramming the brain. Emotional eating can be so difficult to break from and going on a diet just means that sometime down the road you will be facing the same issues again. How many people do you know lose weight and then pile it back on again? It is inevitable. It’s a bit like taking the car into the garage because the red warning light has come on. If all the mechanic does is take out the bulb to make the light go out then at some point the car will break down. It’s a bit like putting a plaster over the issue.

I have a 6 week hypnosis weight loss plan which can create lasting and positive change which will work not just on food but exercise motivation, cravings, portion control, emotional eating. All of these are adapted to each individual and emotional issues you may not be aware of may come to the surface which you can deal with in a safe and confidential space.

It may be safe for some to hold onto their weight so this will be looked at and challenged. All sessions are recorded so you will always have your hypnosis to go back to during challenging times.

Please feel free to get in touch and be aware that until September I am offering reduced rates for those that have been adversely affected by COVID19 financially.