Over the last 12 years I have built up a lot of knowledge of healing and learnt many techniques from Reiki to counselling. When I was first introduced to Reiki my curiosity into shamanic practices and crystals started to grow. For a few years I taught the Munay Ki and absolutely loved the idea of power animals and working with the elements of fire, earth, water and air fascinated me. Through the element of air I learnt that I needed to be flexible in my thinking, after all, a tree’s branches would snap if they did not have the ability to bend. The element of water taught me to go with the flow, after all, if you tried to swim against the tide then life would be so much more difficult. The element of fire was cleansing, after all, if we do not go through a cleansing process and rid ourselves of past conditioning, thoughts and beliefs, how could we expect to change the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves? The element of earth was all about regrowth, after all, what we feed will grow and that includes our thoughts as well as our feelings. These basic teachings were something I learnt early on in my spiritual development alongside the self-healing through Reiki and honouring the daily principles:

– Just for today I will not anger
– Just for today I will not worry
– Just for today I will be kind to every living thing
– Just for today I will honour my teachers, elders and parents
– Just for today I will do my work honestly

The shamanic way of learning teaches about entities and possession a lot and this did not sit right with me, this very language has an element of fear around it and in my opinion, if true healing is to take place, we need to eliminate fear not feed it for the client to become truly empowered. As a lapsed Catholic the church holds exorcisms to rid a person or a building of possessions and uses frankincense and sage to do this. But I believe we are talking about energy and both negative and positive energy must exist in order for us to grow. How can we truly experience happiness if we have never experienced sadness? Energy cannot be destroyed but it can be transmuted into something more positive. I believe we can alter our destiny by learning basic principles that will help us to focus on the positive but experience the negative as a lesson that we need to learn from in order for our soul to grow. If we never experience endings, we will never embrace new beginnings. To use the excuse that something outside of us and outside of our control is possessing us is not really teaching us about our shadow side.

Having studied Carl Jung whilst training to be a counsellor, it was clear to me that his thoughts about energy and collective unconsciousness made more sense to me. Dreams are symbols of our everyday reality. We are connected to everything and everyone so everyone we meet and the opinions others hold will at some level be imprinted upon us. We are conditioned by those around us and society in general.

I love the way in which crystals worked, absorbing, transmuting and transforming energy. Each crystal has it’s own energy and works on different levels. Crystals can also be linked to the four elements and work with certain chakras (energy centres) within the body.

Karuna Reiki gave me even more tools to work with as there are numerous techniques that can help with healing child abuse, trauma, addictions, depression, pain, helping with mental and emotional imbalances and grounding. From there, learning hypnotherapy and integrating that into my therapies, particularly Reiki, was hugely beneficial for clients. Particularly with pain relief.

Counselling allows the client to express what is really going on for them at a deep level. During a Reiki session, emotions often rise to the surface and what was previously unknown to the client, locked away in the subconscious mind, will suddenly become conscious allowing that release to take place through crying or the realisation for the client of what they need to do in order to heal themselves.

As a therapist that is qualified in Reiki, Crystals, Hypnotherapy and Counselling it is not unusual for clients to come for sessions of Reiki and then feel the need to engage with counselling, or for a client to come for counselling and then move on to hypnotherapy or Reiki.

Because of this I feel it would be hugely beneficial for clients to be able to access 10/15 minutes of Reiki or crystal healing at the end of their Hypnotherapy or Counselling session. If you feel you would benefit from this, then please let me know when you make your booking so I can allow for the extra appointment time. An additional £5 will be added to the cost of your session for this or you may choose to have a shorter Counselling or Hypnotherapy session and not pay any extra. The decision is yours. Just let me know before your session starts.

If you wish to learn more please do not hesitate to contact me.