This blog feels a little bit like coming out of the spiritual closet, especially for those of you who have come for counselling, not necessarily understanding or have knowledge about my work as a Reiki teacher. As I am coming to the end of my Reiki teaching to focus more on the counselling and hypnotherapy work, I think it is important for me to be authentic with my clients and let you know about how I integrate my work with Reiki into my practice. I still intend to keep Reiki as a standalone treatment but I intend to use my knowledge that I have built up over the last decade or so to help my work with counselling and hypnotherapy clients, therefore bridging the gap between the two.

I have been working with Reiki energy for 13 years and even before learning Reiki I could easily see flashes of colour around people that I was always aware of but what struck me as I learnt Reiki was that not everyone can see this.

I began to work with chakra’s throughout the Reiki training and as I learnt about each of the main chakra’s it helped me to understand that the colours I was seeing around people were linked to these energy centres and as my work progressed with clients, I began to gain the understanding that the colours I was seeing around people were in fact linked with chakras that needed balancing which then helped me to understand at what level the client was having difficulty, whether it was spiritual, physical, emotional or mental. Of course, we need all these levels within us to be balanced as individuals. What really resonated with me was the fact that whilst Reiki had its roots in Buddhism, it was not affiliated with any religion. In fact, the spiritual element seemed to be around balancing the body, feeling at one with our surroundings and feeling a connection with something that was far bigger than we can possibly imagine. I loved the scientific element of researching about what that Reiki energy was. I learnt that this energy is everywhere around us. It is the intricate structure of how everything on earth and our universe exists. If we look at a flower, a bug, a human, there is an arterial system, where fluids flow, there is an input of food and an output of waste, even the table and chair we are sat at is comprised as energy. There is an atom with a nucleus and the nucleus zooms around the atom but what makes that happen? I say it is the aliveness that permeates everything. If you see a house that has not been lived in for a while, it starts to fall apart, it seems to be responding to the lack of human energy within it, if we walk into a room after an argument has taken place we can feel like the atmosphere is heavy. Everything is linked, as one species cannot survive without the other. Working with the Reiki principles daily really brings our awareness to the present moment. Reiki is the way of channelling this energy and using it to bring balance to an individual and the amazing thing is, you can be sending Reiki across a room without the need for someone to even be lying on a couch. Even without the use of Reiki, having the understanding of the chakra’s has really helped me to develop my work with clients and helped me to access and understand the client on a deeper level.

Being able to work with clients and see what I now understand as someone’s aura, to be able to sense a client’s energy and empathise with them at a really deep level can truly take me into their world.
Being able to sense and see which chakra’s need balancing and using the talking therapy to bring that part of the client back into balance helps client’s on various levels. I have found this particularly useful with inner child work and with trauma work with clients. Bringing this knowledge into the walk and talk therapy is amazing as the client can really feel that connection with the environment around them. Using mindfulness techniques can really help the client in self regulating themselves so they can have the tools to help and guide them, thus empowering them.

If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.